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 Frequently Asked Questions


How is Prairie Natural Lamb product different from what I buy in the store?

More than half of the lamb found in supermarket s today comes from imported, older animals, raised predominately for wool, not meat.  Nearly 100 percent of supermarket lamb is feedlot-raised.  In contrast, Prairie Natural Lamb raises lambs much the way Marilyn’s family raised lambs forty years ago. Ewes and lambs graze on open pasture and/or alfalfa hay.  Lambs are weaned at about three months of age and continue eating pasture and alfalfa hay, along with a custom, additive-free, soy-free grain.  They never spend a day in a feedlot.  They are humanely harvested at a small, family-run processing facility that takes care to ensure delivery of a safe, wholesome meat product.  Our genetics yield tender, meaty cuts of flavorful lamb.

What is “natural” lamb?

We raise our lambs without administering sub-therapeutic antibiotics or hormones, and our feed is free from animal byproducts.  (Fish meal and non-ruminant bone meal is a common ingredient in feedlot rations because they are readily available and cheap.)  Due to concerns about soy products, we also have removed these from our feed, replacing it with linseed meal and flax.  Humane treatment of our flock is a priority for us, as well.

How affordable is your product?

Prairie Natural Lamb understands that while all of its customers want to put a high quality, delicious and wholesome product on their families’ tables, many are constrained by tight budgets.  We price our lamb above wholesale commercial prices, yet below supermarket prices.  Not only do our customers have an opportunity to stock their freezers with premium lamb, they can do so for less than retail prices.

What are the other selling points of your product?

Lamb is cut and wrapped to each customer’s specifications and flash frozen in containers (either shrink-wrapped, or plastic and butcher paper) that enable meat to stay fresh in the freezer.  Customers save shopping time and ensure a supply of high-quality, premium lamb for the entire year.

When will the meat be ready?

Most of our lambs are ready in the fall and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How does the lamb get from pasture to freezer?

Once you have reserved one of our lambs, we will let you know when we have a locker date for it.  If you have not already completed your cutting order form, we ask that you get it to us at this time.  One to two weeks after the locker date, the locker will call you to pick up your packaged meat.  You will pay the locker fees at this time.  We will contact you with the balance due to Prairie Natural Lamb and expect payment promptly.

What does it cost?

The 2010 price is $3 per pound on the carcass weight, plus processing of approximately $75-90 per lamb.  The bottom line: $250-325 per lamb total. For this you will get 40-65 pounds of meat.  You can order a whole or half lamb.

How do I order?

Reserve your lamb by completing an order form and mailing it to us with your deposit of $50 per lamb.

Further questions?

Contact Marilyn Bay Wentz at marilyn.wentz@tds.net or 303-622-9498.

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