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 Prairie Natural Lamb

We raise our lambs the old-fashioned way, allowing ewes and lambs to graze on open pasture, supplemented with hay and finishing out the lambs on a combination of high-protein alfalfa hay and additive-free, soy-free grain.

Our genetics are proven to produce tender, flavorful, nicely-textured, cuts of meat.  Processing is done at a custom, family-owned and operated USDA-inspected processing facility.

With half of all lamb offered in supermarkets today coming from older, imported sheep, many consumers are looking for a local, healthier and more flavorful alternative.

Enjoy lamb chops on the grill, make a lamb roast for the Holidays, and let lamb curries and stews chase away the winter chill.  Supplies are limited, so make the investment now and enjoy the flavor and convenience all year long!



Specialty lamb that tastes the way nature intended:

  • Tender & flavorful
  • Animals pastured & supplemented with alfalfa hay
  • Finished 100% on grass or grass and a minimal amount of corn
  • Never treated with hormones or fed animal byproducts
  • Custom cut & wrapped to stay fresh in your freezer
  • Small family farm with educational focus


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