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“Thanks again for raising natural lamb, Marilyn. We don’t eat pork products, and beef and check get a little old sometimes. Lamb is a wonderful alternative once or twice a week! That’s why we order two lambs. We don’t want to run out before it comes to buy another one—two, I mean.

       -Jim & Sue, Aurora, CO

“I had rib chops last night, and they were phenomenal. I suspect the burger is going to be amazing. When I first contacted you, I wanted a black-faced lamb, as my experience previously was that the black-faced lamb was less gamey than the white-faced breeds. You suggested I try a Southdown lamb, and I do believe your Southdown was tastier than any lamb I have had in the past. Incidentally, my dog Otter is enjoying the liver.”

        -Jessica, Denver, CO

“The lamb is fabulous... We've already had three lamb dinners!”

        -Susan, Greenwood Village, CO

“Yesterday I cookeda rack of lamb - my first ever. It was absolutely delicious! For years, I have seen pictures of this cut in gourmet cooking magazines, looking terribly elegant but had never tried it. Last weekend, I cooked a braised shoulder of lamb. I used the Joy of Cooking recipe. That was delicious also, in a different way. The meat just falls apart, and the sauce, with veggies, spices, tomato, stock and white wine (my own addition) is heavenly. I froze the leftovers, and now have two nice containers waiting for some night when we need a fast meal. Your lamb is so tender and tasty that the less one does to it in cooking it, the better it is. I am still amazed that most Americans think they dislike lamb, although chefs at restaurants specializing in local food will charge enormous amounts for dishes featuring Colorado lamb.”

       -Claire, Englewood, CO

“I FINALLY got to try some of your lamb. It was fantastic. We made roasted lamb shanks in red wine sauce. A lot of people don't know what to do with shanks besides throw them in the crock pot for eight hours but there are some GREAT roasting recipes out there.”

        -Andrew, Parker, CO

"I cooked a sirloin last night and it was fantastic. Absolutely delicious. I think I would like to be placed on the list for next year whenever you decide you are taking reservations!!!!"

        -Clay, Denver, CO

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