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Prairie Natural Lamb

Tender, Flavorful, Locally-Raised


About Prairie Natural Lamb

Raising and selling lamb to northern Colorado customers since 1998

We raise our lambs the old-fashioned way, allowing ewes and lambs to graze on open pasture, supplemented with hay. As of 2017, we offer only 100% grass-fed lamb. A lot of ranchers are marketing “grass-fed” meat. Either they don’t understand or assume you will not understand the difference between zero grain ever and animals that get hay or pasture (i.e. grass) along with grain. In fact, ruminants who don’t get grass, in the form of pasture or hay, die. Ruminants that eat only grass and hay yield meat with superior health traits, such as lower overall fat content as well as higher levels of heart-health omega-3 fatty acids, linolenic acids and antioxidants.

My flock's genetics, along with the way I handle our animals has proven to produce tender, flavorful, nicely-textured cuts of meat. Processing is done at a custom, family-owned and operated USDA-inspected processer.

With the majority of all lamb offered in supermarkets today coming from older, imported sheep, many consumers are looking for a local, healthier, more flavorful and humane alternative.
Make the investment and enjoy the flavor and convenience of a freezer full of high quality lamb all year long!

For current pricing and to order our lamb use the information & price flyer tab at the top of this website.

We are glad to answer any questions about our operation or the meat we sell. Call or e-mail.


Specialty lamb the way nature intended

√ 100% grass-fed
√ delicious, tender & flavorful
√ no antibiotics or animal by-products in feed
√ no artificial hormones
√ soy free
√ custom cut & wrapped to your specifications to stay fresh in your freezer

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Many factors impact the amount of meat a customer will bring home. First, the size of the lambs vary. While 100% grass-fed lambs are usually smaller at harvest, they also have less fat (waste). The other major factor in answering this question is how the customer has the meat cut. Bone-in vs boneless affect the quantity of meat that is packaged and goes in the customer's freezer.


Prairie Natural Lamb charges its customers by the carcass weight in order to be fair. Customers pay the processing directly to the locker. For more detail on the amount of lamb that ends up in your freezer as well as explanation of cuts, click here


How much lamb will I get?


How do I know what cuts to choose for my custom cut lamb?

My suggestion is to sit down with your recipes and let the dishes you want to make drive your choices. Know that a leg of lamb steak can be cooked as that large piece of meat or chunked into kebobs or stewing meat. If you want a big statement entertaining entree, choose a rack of lamb, whereas chops from that same primal cut will give you multiple grilling options.

Use the tabs at the top of this website to access cut sheets from the locker that processes our lambs. For questions on filling out the cut sheet, contact the locker at the number on the sheet.


Visitors Welcome

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